Friday, 8 June 2012

Dinosaur 4 part puzzles

I would love to show you a screen shot of the pack but unfortunatley it goes against the authors rules of use.

Part of the Dinosaur printables pack by 3 Dinosaurs, this is page 19-24 inc.  of the dinosaur part 1 pdf.

Dinosaur Pack contains over 60 pages:
3 Part Cards, Beginning Sounds, Matching Cards, Read Write the Room, Which One Is Different, What Comes Next, Pre Writing Practice, Pattern Cards, 10 Piece Puzzles, 4 Piece Puzzles, Clip and Count Cards, Size Sorting, Colour the Pattern, Barrier Game, and more.
Tot Pack:
Basic Prewriting, 2 Part Puzzles, Matching, Coloring the Stegosaurus, Counting, Cutting Practice, 9 Piece Puzzle

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  1. Please remove this screen shot of the pack. It goes against the terms of use.