Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dinosaur Numeric Sequence Puzzle

Download this puzzle for free as part of the Dinosaurs pre-K pack at Over the Big Moon.
The numeric sequence puzzle is on p 11 of the pdf but other activities included in the pack are:
  • prewriting practise
  • cutting practise
  • which one is different
  • what comes next (patterns ) 
  • size  sequencing
  • simple puzzles
  • sorting dinosaurs v food
  • number clipcards
  • colour the dinosaur
  • 3 part cards
  • shadow matching
  • find the D and d
  • dinosaur pairs
  • dino part words
  • D is for dinosaur magnet page
  • D and d sorting activity


  1. Thanks. How can i get free printable numeric puzzle sequence for the other characters? Thanks again.

  2. Hi, IF you click on the link it should go to the blogpost that that has a link for the entire pack (although I must admit I haven't tried this link for a while!). If you are looking for other numeric sequence puzzles that I have found go to the "resources by theme" tab above.